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11/03/2016 - Midnight Reads: How Waning Competition Deepens Labor’s Plight

How Waning Competition Deepens Labor’s Plight
– The New York Times
The New York Times looks at a run of recent mega-mergers of companies that are reconfiguring the American economy. Are such mergers tilting the scales toward the interests of ever-larger corporations? Competition policy can no longer be understood in the narrow terms of protecting consumers from higher prices.

It’s Not The Economy – It’s The Jobs, Stupid: What The Last Employment Report Before The Election Will Tell Us
– Salon
The October jobs report may not decide the who wins the presidency – But as we enter the final months of the Obama administration, it’s worth reviewing some of the lingering issues that either a President Clinton or President Trump will have to tackle.

Prominent Economists, Including Eight Nobel Laureates: ‘Do Not Vote for Donald Trump’
– The Wall Street Journal
A group of 370 economists, including eight Nobel laureates in economics, have signed a letter warning against the election of Republican nominee Donald Trump, calling him a “dangerous, destructive choice” for the country. The letter is notable because it is less partisan or ideological than other election cycle publications, and instead takes issue with Mr. Trump’s history of promoting debunked falsehoods.

Free Shipping Is A Lie
– Fast Company
Free shipping. Those are the two words internet consumers have come to expect from online stores. But the shipping is not ultimately free. And, the savings people are increasingly coming to expect are putting extreme pressure on the bottom lines of even the largest ecommerce players.