About 3 years ago

10/07/2019 - Forever 21 Is Filing For Bankruptcy. But Its Employees Aren’t Going Down Without A Fight.

– The Washington Post
Several hundred full- and part-time Forever 21 employees are in the early stages of organizing for worker protections, according to the New York-based labor rights group, United for Respect. The mobilization follows the successful efforts of workers at Toys R Us and Sears following their companies’ liquidation or downsizing.
– The New York Times
Amidst staffing shortages, ICE is under pressure from the White House to deport illegal immigrants. According to The New York Times article, ICE uses technology – some of it built for consumers, some of it built for law enforcement – to do more with less.
– Fast Company
The CEO of a temp company thinks California’s AB5 didn’t go far enough.
– The Wall Street Journal
The latest NFIB survey finds continuing labor shortage and higher pay for workers.