About 3 years ago

10/04/2019 - Julián Castro Unveils Labor Plan To Promote Unions, Lift Up Domestic Workers And Farmworkers

Castro proposes advancing the use of sectoral bargaining, which he says would allow workers to organize for higher wages across industries. His plan would prohibit anti-competitive labor practices, including non-compete agreements “that limit worker freedom and mobility.”
– The New York Times
The idea, a favorite of social conservatives, is now supported by several Democratic presidential candidates.
– Bloomberg
For decades, French unions have fought extended opening times for stores, defending laws that forbid everything from corner groceries to warehouse-size hypermarkets from making staffers stock shelves or sit behind cash registers in the wee hours and on Sunday afternoons. Such rules, the unions say, ensure that workers get needed time off and protect them from exploitation. Two French retail chains have come up with a way around those regulations: opening sans employees.
– The Washington Post
A study released Monday green-lighting the consumption of processed and red meat has much of the medical community seeing red.