About 4 years ago

10/23/2018 - Full Employment? The Economy Isn’t Acting Like It

– Fortune
The explanation is that an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent, which long signaled a job market as tight as a drumhead, just isn’t as low as it used to be. “The 3.7 percent rate overstates the true strength of the labor market,” says Peter Ireland, a Boston College economics professor and former Fed researcher.
This Forbes piece takes a look at noncompete agreements and the state laws crafted to address them.

Your Poop Is Probably Full Of Plastic

– Wired
Is your body full of microplastics? Does it matter? Scientists are working to answer those questions.
– San Francisco Chronicle
Loyalty is key for gig companies that rely on independent contractors. That’s why Airbnb, Uber and Postmates have written to the Securities and Exchange Commission, urging it to modernize rules so they can reward hosts, drivers and couriers with stakes in the companies.