About 4 years ago

10/24/2018 - Strong Economy Draws Women Into U.S. Labor Force

– The Wall Street Journal
Rising participation rate counters long-run decline at odds with rest of world.
 The Wall Street Journal
A new study from Lean In and McKinsey shows the pervasiveness of sexual harassment at the office and the persistence of inequality.

Fighting For $15 – And A Union

– The American Prospect
Progressive magazine, The American Prospect, takes a look at the Fight for $15 movement’s progress, or lack thereof.
– The New Yorker
From The New Yorker: “Something unusual has happened across the Sun Belt in the midterm elections. In several large, mostly conservative states where Democrats have tended to lose statewide races, the Party’s primary voters nominated charismatic young candidates who are, for the most part, running as progressives.”