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05/09/2018 - The Future Of The American Left

The Future Of The American Left

– The New York Times

The Republicans seem to be turning themselves into an aging minority party. Moderate Democrats are no longer a force. There are only two vibrant political tendencies in America right now: Trumpian populism and Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren-style progressivism.

Unions Face The Fight Of Their Lives To Protect American Workers

– Huffington Post

Robots put jobs on the line and threaten a rise in income inequality, experts say.

Would You Believe U.S. Employers Are Facing A Shortage Of Marketers?

– The Washington Post

There’s a significant shortage of marketing specialists in the United States. The problem is a growing challenge for business owners and managers looking for skilled people in a tight job market.

State Attorneys General Can Play Key Roles In Protecting Workers’ Rights

– Economic Policy Institute

The left-leaning Economic Policy Institute releases a report outlining how attorneys general are poised to influence and reshape workers’ rights policies around the country.