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05/08/2018 - Now Hiring, For A One-Day Job: The Gig Economy Hits Retail

Now Hiring, For A One-Day Job: The Gig Economy Hits Retail

– The Washington Post

The Washington Post explores how the gig economy is poised to dramatically shake up the employment model for retailers and restaurants.

McDonald’s, Fight For $15 Square Off Over NLRB Settlement

– Reuters

McDonald’s Corp has asked a judge for the National Labor Relations Board to reject a worker organizing group’s claims that a proposed settlement in a case alleging that the company is jointly liable for the labor law violations of its franchisees is invalid.

A Fast-Food Problem: Where Have All the Teenagers Gone?

– The New York Times

A quarter-century ago, there were 56 teenagers in the labor force for every “limited service” restaurant – that is, the kind where you order at the counter.

Jeff Bezos Wants To Deliver Your Amazon Junk Straight Into Your Trunk

– Los Angeles Times

Not content leaving stuff in your home, the firm will now put packages in your car. The-tailer is working with General Motors and Volvo to create an app that allows car owners to give keyless access to their trunks for delivery. The service is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 US cities.