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04/27/2018 - Gender Pay Gap? Maybe Not In The Corner Office, A Study Shows

Gender Pay Gap? Maybe Not In The Corner Office, A Study Shows

– The New York Times

The pay gap between men and women has rightly become an important topic of conversation in offices and boardrooms across the country. Despite the efforts of some companies to address the disparity, women last year earned just 82% of what men earned, according to a Pew Research Center report. Now comes a bit of news that may spark some more discussion: There may be no pay gap at all between male and female chief executives of publicly traded companies.

What Amazon’s New Headquarters Could Mean For Rents

– The New York Times

Winning the contest could mean a steeper increase in local housing costs over the next decade, a study finds.

Delivery Boom Is Changing Everything About The Restaurant Business


Customers are increasingly ordering food through apps on their smartphones or by calling in. And that demand for deliveries, from sit-down restaurants as well as the more familiar pizza chains and Chinese take-out spots, is dramatically changing the restaurant industry.

Will Walmart’s BOPIS Plan Tower Over Rivals?

– Retail Dive

Walmart Is Back In Build-Out Mode. Last year, The Retailer Rolled Out 200 Pickup Towers Across Its Vast Store Fleet – And At Least Another 500 Are On Their Way.