About 5 years ago

04/30/2018 - NYC Restaurateurs Want A Bill Surcharge To Offset Rising Business Costs

NYC Restaurateurs Want A Bill Surcharge To Offset Rising Business Costs

– Grub Street

Yesterday, the NYC Hospitality Alliance delivered a letter signed by over 200 restaurants that outlines the alleged consequences of recently-passed mandates from City Hall.

States That Raise Tolls And Taxes Will Have An Edge In Getting DOT Funds

– The Wall Street Journal

States and cities that raise taxes and tolls will have a better chance at winning federal money for roads and bridges, part of a Trump administration strategy to have states carry a bigger portion of infrastructure spending.


Are The Teamsters Trying To Kill Driverless Tech, Or Save The Truck Drivers?

– Pacific Standard

As Congress starts seriously considering bills allowing self-driving vehicles, union representatives with the Teamsters are pushing back. They have lobbied for a cautious approach, pushing for more deliberation, fewer changes to the current vehicular regulations, and, ultimately, for slower adoption of self-driving vehicles. Raising concerns about workplace safety and job losses, they have already successfully pushed the House to exclude large commercial vehicles from a proposed bill.

Sweet Taste Of Victory For Peeps Union Workers As Judges Rule Against Candymaker

– The Washington Post

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that Just Born Quality Confections, the firm in Bethlehem, Pa., that makes the candy known as Peeps, could not unilaterally stop enrolling new employees in a pension without paying a penalty, something it had tried to do since 2015.