About 3 years ago

01/31/2020 - Gig Economy Traps Workers In Precarious Existence, Says Report

-The Guardian
Doteveryone thinktank says workers suffer from financial insecurity and loss of dignity.
– The Washington Post
As the popularity of programs that encourage hotel guests to opt-out of housekeeping services for environmental purposes, critics say employees are losing income.
– Bloomberg
Digital trucking apps are changing how freight gets moved around the country, and the advent of ratings has given drivers a powerful new voice. If a facility earns a low rating, truckers might choose other jobs, complicating deliveries for a manufacturer or its customers.
– Forbes
Piplsay surveyed 32,677 Americans to see what they thought about Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles. The results showed 51% of Americans would buy Coke even if the bottles were heavier or came in non-sealable packaging, and 42% of Americans thought Coca-Cola should use eco-friendly packaging such as glass or aluminum for its bottles.