About 3 years ago

02/03/2020 - Seeking A More Worker-Friendly Economy, Some States Push Employee Ownership

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and others who back employee-ownership – a term that can mean everything from cooperatives to stock options – say that sharing ownership can improve pay and working conditions, reduce wealth inequality and give retiring entrepreneurs another way to pass on their companies.
– The New York Times
Iowa’s outsized role in presidential politics is often criticized for precisely that reason. But Iowa mirrors the nation’s economy and demography in one very striking way – the state’s rapidly aging population and the myriad economic, political and social consequences that flow from it.
– The New York Times
Monica Mitro’s departure from the company that runs Victoria’s Secret is a case study in the wrong way to deal with allegations of misconduct, according to a New York Times columnist.
It’s a scenario that’s getting more common for traditional retailers as they find themselves under pressure from a sea change in where and how people are shopping.