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12/19/2017 - How The GOP Tax Bill Could Affect HR

How The GOP Tax Bill Could Affect HR

– HR Dive

Tax reform is expected to impact several areas of interest to HR including some core issues such as paid leave, fringe benefits, automation and offshoring.

Employers Steal Billions From Some Of Nation’s Most Vulnerable Workers


Employers of some of the country’s lowest-paid workers are stealing billions from their paychecks — and federal and state law enforcement agencies have only been able to recover a fraction of those lost wages.

How An Industry Group Is Driving Trump’s Workplace Safety Agenda

– Reveal

The Trump administration is fundamentally reshaping the nation’s approach to workplace safety, scrapping Obama-era protections and tools intended to hold dangerous companies accountable.

Here Comes The Meat Tax

– The Atlantic

While various health experts endorse meat in various amounts, almost none endorse eating it the way Americans today do. The average U.S. citizen consumed more than 200 pounds of meat this year, more than twice the global average and nearly twice as much as Americans did in 1961. The average American man is eating more than his own weight in meat every year-even as that weight has increased to 196 pounds, up from 166 pounds in 1960.