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12/20/2017 - Will 2018 Be The Year Of The Bank Of Amazon? Experts Weigh In

Will 2018 Be The Year Of The Bank Of Amazon? Experts Weigh In

– Bloomberg

Disruptor tech companies are eyeing opportunities in the financial services industry.

There Are 624 Public Companies With No Women On Their Boards. Here’s The List

– Quartz At Work

Of the 3,000 largest U.S. companies on the Russell 3000 index, 624 companies have not one woman on their board of directors. On the whole, women occupy just 16 percent of available board seats.

The Growing Partisan Divide Over Feminism

– The Atlantic

A surprising result of the Alabama Senate race was that party mattered far more than gender. Republican women in Alabama were only four points more likely than Republican men to believe Moore’s accusers. In fact, Republican women were 40 points less likely to believe Moore’s accusers than were Democratic men. All of which points to a truth insufficiently appreciated in this moment of sexual and political upheaval: It’s not gender that increasingly divides the two parties. It is feminism.

No Booze At Your Office Holiday Party This Year? It’s The ‘Weinstein Effect.

– The Washington Post

This year, you could arrive at your company holiday party to find a woman from human resources distributing drink tickets, two per head, as if it’s communist Russia and we’re rationing trash red wine now. Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised. Not in the era of Harvey Weinstein.