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12/21/2017 - Women Losing Retail Jobs While Men Gain Them

Women Losing Retail Jobs While Men Gain Them

– Forbes

As the retail industry grappled with store closings and bankruptcies, it lost 54,300 jobs from October 2016 to October 2017. During that time, women lost 160,300 retail jobs, while men actually gained 106,000 jobs. Researchers think the discrepancy stems from more women working in stores or departments that haven’t fared as well as those where men are more predominant. Categories like furniture and home furnishings, building materials and garden supplies, motor vehicles and parts have been selling better than clothing and accessories and department stores, according to U.S. Census data released last week.

Will Passing The Tax Bill Help The GOP In 2018? Probably Not.

– FiveThirtyEight

33 percent of Americans support President Trump’s tax bill, compared to 52 percent who oppose it, across an average of polls in December. That -19 point spread is awful for a tax cut, and is less popular than the Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush tax hikes.

Republican Tax Cuts Would Lift Some Industries More Than Others

– The New York Times

The disparities illustrate the difficulty in tailoring tax cuts for two of the blue-collar industries that Mr. Trump frequently promises to invigorate through economic policy changes. That’s in part because both mining and manufacturing companies already benefit from relatively low effective tax rates among Americans companies. They also show how the tax plan is likely to shower benefits on the industry Mr. Trump built his fortune in – and on the Wall Street firms he railed against.

Democrats In New York Can Already Hear Iowa’s Siren Song

– The New York Times

With Cuomo, DeBlasio and Gillibrand all trying to prove who is the better progressive, New York state politics could become a liberal olympics in the next two years, much to the dismay of the employer community.