About 3 years ago

10/11/2019 - A ‘Grass Roots’ Campaign To Take Down Amazon Is Funded by Amazon’s Biggest Rivals

– The Wall Street Journal
Walmart, Oracle and mall owner Simon Property Group are secret funders behind a nonprofit that has been highly critical of the e-commerce giant.
If there’s a left-leaning policy being proposed by a Democratic presidential candidate this election season, odds are it has already been suggested – and probably even tested- in Seattle. And while critics of those plans say they put an undue burden on businesses, local officials in Seattle say they’re helping, not hurting, economic growth.
More cities are passing legislation to ban the construction of drive-through windows in an attempt to curb emissions, reduce litter and improve pedestrian safety. The bans are also sometimes touted as a way to help fight obesity, but past studies suggest they don’t have that effect.
– The Wall Street Journal
A recent uptick in Minnesota’s unemployment rate is raising the possibility that the state’s robust labor market may be faltering, and local business leaders are stumped about what comes next.