About 4 years ago

10/14/2019 - Tipping Fatigue Is Real, Especially For Travelers

– The Washington Post
The economics of the service industry has shifted to make it the direct responsibility of the customers to subsidize the salary of the workers.
– Los Angeles Times
The story of inequality in America may be more of a story about urban America.
– The Washington Post
The man in charge of New York City’s $200 billion public pension fund wants more than 50 companies to take a page from the National Football League and pledge that they will consider female and minority candidates for their highest-level jobs.
– The Wall Street Journal
The number of female truckers increased by 68% since 2010 to 234,234 in 2018, though women still account for just 6.6% of the trucking workforce, according to the American Trucking Associations, a trade group. One big reason: equal pay.