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03/27/2018 - Health-Insurance Premiums Loom As Election Issue

Health-Insurance Premiums Loom As Election Issue

– The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers, at an impasse, omitted from spending bill an effort to restore payments to insurers. Now they’re rushing to assign blame for expected rate increases

Long Weekend At Kamala’s

– National Review

Supporters of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid have long blamed the Democratic party’s super delegate system for his defeat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that they are pushing to reform that system, reducing or perhaps even eliminating slots for unelected and unpledged delegates.

As Amazon Steps Up Tax Collections, Some Cities Are Left Out

– The New York Times

Thanks in part to a series of deals with state governments in recent years, Amazon is collecting sales tax in every state that has one. But those deals don’t always extend to taxes assessed by local governments.

The 11 Fastest Drive-Thru Chains in America


Mobile ordering, apps, third party delivery services and other digital innovations are all the rage in quick service. But, the drive through is still king for many, many brands. So, there’s more pressure than ever for QSR companies to have a customer’s drive through experience be both correct and (perhaps more importantly) as fast as possible. With that dynamic in mind, QSR magazine explores the 11 fastest drive-through operations in America.