About 5 years ago

03/28/2018 - Retail Landlords Sell Assets To Raise Cash

Retail Landlords Sell Assets To Raise Cash

– The Wall Street Journal

More real-estate assets owned by publicly listed REITs are up for sale as the gap widens between their discounted share prices and the value of private-market transactions of physical assets.

Grocery Wars Turn Small Chains Into Battlefield Casualties

– The New York Times

Employees at smaller grocery stores could end up collateral damage in a nationwide quest for dominance between two retail Goliaths, reports in the New York Times. “Amazon’s $13 billion purchase of Whole Foods in June added a sense of urgency to the competition to feed American families, raising the prospect that the e-commerce giant would upend groceries just as it has every other aspect of retail,” the Times reports.

Suburban Voters Angry With Trump Threaten GOP’s Grip On House

– The Washington Post

If Republicans want to hold onto the House, they will have to compete in communities that had little to do with the working-class regions that sent Trump to the White House in 2016: affluent, white-collar suburbs of Democratic cities.

California sues Trump Administration Over Addition Of Citizenship Question To Census

– The Washington Post

The state of California sued the Trump administration Monday night, arguing that the decision to add a question about citizenship in the 2020 Census violates the U.S. Constitution.