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12/12/2018 - House Democrats Prepare To Push For $15 Federal Minimum Wage, Setting Up Clash With Big Business

In winning control of the House, Democrats earned a chance to put their economic priorities front and center. They will soon push for a higher federal minimum wage – setting up a fight between labor rights advocates who say bosses have shortchanged workers and opponents who argue the policy will hamstring small businesses.
 The Washington Post
Retail and airport experts agree that the Amazon Go model could bring a major boon to the company and airport shopping as a whole.

The Robots Are Already Stealing Some Of Your Bonus

– Bloomberg
The good news for asset managers is that they will get an average pay increase this year of 5 percent. The bad news is that increased spending on technology is reducing the amount of money available to their compensation pools.
– The New York Times
As the list of states that have legalized marijuana continues to grow, New York could have a new reason to embrace cannabis: It could help save the subway.