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12/11/2018 - Blue Wave Could Have Big Impact On Health And Employment Laws In 2019

– State Net
Health care will likely continue to be a major area of focus in 2019 at the state level. State Net provides a breakdown of key issues.
 The New York Times
Walgreens and other major companies are key supporters of the Wisconsin legislators now trying to undermine democracy.

With Wide-Spread Legalization Of Marijuana, Has A Public Employer’s Ability To Test For Marijuana Gone Up In Smoke?

– National Law Review
As of the November 2018 elections, DC and ten states have legalized marijuana for recreational or other permissible use. These developments have left many employers wondering whether they may enforce the employer’s drug policy with respect to employees or applicants who claim they visited one of the aforementioned locations and, upon return, test positive for marijuana.
– Associated Press
The state takes an unprecedented step to spur along solar energy deployment.