About 4 years ago

12/10/2018 - Tariffs And The Minimum Wage Are More Alike Than You Think

– Barron’s
An interesting comparison of the minimum wage and tariffs finds that they are blunt instruments to address underlying problems and that they may not always have the desired impact.
Forbes partnered with Just Capital, which asked 81,000 Americans about what they most want to see from the nation’s biggest businesses. These are the 100 companies that are taking the public interest into their owns hands and generating better returns for themselves and society in the process.

How The Restaurant Industry Normalizes Wage Theft

– Twin Cities Daily Planet
A Twin Cities publication interviews restaurant owners to have them explain the most common forms of wage theft. Many of these arguments have been made time and again as regulators target the industry.
– Stateline
Changing the rules of the game simply based on partisan politics may lead to longterm gridlock in state capitols.