About 3 years ago

06/11/2020 - With Jobless Benefits Set To Lapse, Congress Is At Odds Over An Extension

– The New York Times
While some lawmakers want to continue substantial aid for millions of unemployed workers, others are concerned that the money is holding back a recovery that depends on employees returning to work.
– Associated Press
As protests over police brutality have erupted across the country over the past two weeks, The Associated Press reviewed the diversity reports of some of the biggest companies pledging solidarity with their black employees as well as the black community, and found that their efforts to recruit, maintain and promote minorities within their own ranks have fallen short.
– Bloomberg 
Ramesh Ponnuru’s Bloomberg Opinion column makes the case for protecting companies from lawsuits and some regulations in order to let them resume their operations safely.
– The New York Times
The company said that 30 percent of new hires would be black or Latino and has pledged to fund 50 university scholarships a year for black students over the next five years. Adidas also plans to expand funding for programs that address racial disparities to $120 million over the next five years.