About 3 years ago

06/12/2020 - Companies Make Big Pledges Toward Initiatives on Race

-The Wall Street Journal
The moves are the latest public actions by businesses lining up to show their commitment to racial equality. The product decisions and financial pledges – totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in commitments so far – show how companies are responding to the second massive reordering of their world in 2020 and jumping into a national conversation about race.
– Forbes
Starbucks is receiving backlash after it told employees in a memo last week they were prohibited from wearing clothing or accessories that mentions the Black Lives Matter movement.
– The Washington Post
As states reopen, some employers are demanding a lot of flexibility from returning workers.
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced on Thursday an expansive plan to restart the economy and protect public health during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including federally funded testing for every worker called back on the job, guaranteed paid sick leave for workers affected by COVID-19 and a federally coordinated contact tracing workforce.