About 3 years ago

06/15/2020 - Small Businesses Tackle New PPP Puzzle: Forgiveness

-The Wall Street Journal
Repeated changes to program complicate process of getting loans forgiven, raise prospect of costly errors; ‘looks like the bar exam.’
– The Washington Post
From The Washington Post: “Pushed by employees in some cases, and in others by a fear of losing customers, corporations are being forced to examine their roles in perpetuating inequalities in hiring, pay and promotion, fostering toxic workplace cultures and consumer discrimination. “
– The Wall Street Journal
Starbucks’s shift reflects the decisions facing big businesses navigating calls to support racial justice amid the national outcry stemming from George Floyd’s killing, as well as to devote more attention and funding to increasing diversity and tolerance within their workplaces.
– The Wall Street Journal
Hospitality in the coronavirus era encourages thumbs-up instead of smiles; ‘There’s always eyes on me.’