About 3 years ago

02/25/2020 - Labor Rule Impedes Fast-Food, Contract Workers’ Ability To Unionize

-The Wall Street Journal
The National Labor Relations Board’s new rule sets a stricter standard for when a worker can claim to be employed by two separate businesses.
– ABC News
While the moves are being lauded by environmentalists and the local governments that support them, some are questioning whether the move will be effective, primarily because of the unintended environmental consequences associated with replacement materials such as paper, thick plastic and reusable bags.
– Bloomberg
Under his plan, all children from infancy would have access to full-day, full-week, high-quality child care and would enter pre-kindergarten beginning at 3 years old, “regardless of income.”
– The Wall Street Journal
Glassmakers are betting the backlash against single-use plastics can stem a decades-long decline in the use of their bottles and jars. First, they have to boost poor glass-recycling rates that undercut the material’s environmental pitch.