About 3 years ago

02/26/2020 - Starbucks Worker Says He Was Fired For Union Organizing And ‘To Create Fear’

-The Guardian
A barista at Starbucks in the Orlando International Airport alleges he was fired shortly after he emerged as one of the leading organizers to unionize his co-workers with labor union Unite Here. This comes on the heels of a recently released Unite Here report that found pay for black Starbucks workers was $1.85 less than white Starbucks workers and that none of the HMS Host-operated Starbucks participated in racial bias training.
– Bloomberg
A former Amazon manager says she was fired after she complained to higher-ups that her supervisor told her to scan the social media accounts of prospective hires to determine their race and gender.
– The San Diego Union-Tribune
Instacart disagrees with the ruling, and plans to file an appeal, the company said in a statement Tuesday.
– Business Insider
CEO Matthew McCarthy told Business Insider that executives often make the mistake of forcing a social purpose onto their company, saying employees and customers will see through a lack of authenticity.