About 4 years ago

02/05/2019 - Most Likely To Panic About Old Yearbook Pics? Business Leaders.

– The Wall Street Journal
High-profile executives and business owners should conduct ‘opposition analysis’ on themselves to see if damaging pre-digital images could come to light.
 The New York Post
From the New York Post: “Get ready to see a lot of PB&Js around the office. New York City’s hotly contested minimum wage increase to $15 – up from $13 or $13.50, depending on employer size – rolled out citywide at the start of the year. And although that’s good news for NYC restaurant servers, patrons are grumbling about its impact on menu prices at their favorite eateries.”

Tomorrow’s Jobs Demand Higher Degrees as Economic Fates Diverge

– Bloomberg
The fast-declining occupations between 2016 and 2026 are those with minimal entry-level education requirements that are vulnerable to automation and other technological advances, based on a Bureau of Labor Statistics report by economist Emily Rolen. The fastest-growing fields require post-secondary education, often master’s degrees.
– The Wall Street Journal
Some marketers are starting to edge away from dated gender-based strategies-such as exclusively targeting household cleaning products at women, or entirely overlooking men who buy diapers-but others haven’t changed at all, according to a study.