About 4 years ago

02/06/2019 - The Two-Sided Jobs Picture

– Axios
Work in the United States is a mixed bag: in many cases, you can get a job if you want one, even if you’re a convicted felon, a former opioid addict, or have no resume to speak of. But if you are outside higher-skilled occupations, don’t expect much in the way of outsize wages – or pay increases as time passes.
 The Washington Post
It’s still a year before the Iowa caucuses and already Democratic politicians are tripping over each other to frame the policy debate and demonstrate their progressive bona fides to party activists.

Schumer and Sanders: Limit Corporate Stock Buybacks

– The New York Times
From the New York Times opinion page: “Over the past several decades, corporate boardrooms have become obsessed with maximizing only shareholder earnings to the detriment of workers and the long-term strength of their companies, helping to create the worst level of income inequality in decades. One way in which this pervasive corporate ethos manifests itself is the explosion of stock buybacks.”
– The Skift
McDonald’s is going full speed ahead with its Uber Eats integration, but at what cost? Some operators are saying that the system’s delivery economics are unsustainable, and, eventually, that’s going to have to change.