About 5 years ago

08/03/2018 - Manufacturers Increase Efforts To Woo Workers To Rural Areas

– The New York Times
A third of companies surveyed by the Manufacturing Institute reported that they had already turned away new work because of a lack of manpower, according to Carolyn Lee, the group’s executive director.
 The New York Times
Economists are starting to look into whether the rise of so-called superstar firms is contributing to the lackluster wage growth, shrinking middle class and rising income inequality in the United States. The vast social and political influence wielded by these megacompanies has prompted some lawmakers to demand more regulation to rein them in.
– Forbes
In the tight-margin restaurant industry, traditional headwinds like fuel costs and commodities ebb and flow all the time. But a relatively new pressure is squeezing the supply chain that will likely cause some pricing implications for restaurant companies and their customers sooner versus later.
– Forbes
The sweeping move by Nike aligns with a steadily increasing trend among industry leaders who are taking action to implement real equal pay policies.