About 5 years ago

08/06/2018 - Tossing Aside Skepticism, Democratic Candidates For Governor Push For State-Based Universal Health Care

– The Washington Post
There are at least a dozen Democrats running for governor this year on a pledge to do what no state has ever done: give basic health insurance to everyone, no matter the cost.
 The Wall Street Journal
America’s biggest companies are reporting some of the strongest earnings growth since the recession, boosted by lowered tax rates and a robust U.S. economy that is fueling demand across industries.
– The Wall Street Journal
Public-sector unions are facing steep falls in revenue and trying to prevent the loss of members in the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling.
– The New York Times
The least educated American workers, who took the hardest hit in the Great Recession, were also among the slowest to harvest the gains of the recovery. Now they are a striking symbol of a strong economy.