About 5 years ago

08/07/2018 - United States And Mexico Are Nearing NAFTA Compromise

– The New York Times
With a negotiation deadline bearing down and midterm elections around the corner, the Trump Administration may be close to fulfilling a key campaign promise.
 The Washington Post
Voters in Missouri will decide on Tuesday if the state adopts a “right-to-work” law hampering union organizing, a decisive moment in a years-long battle pitting labor and Democrats against an alliance of business groups and Republican politicians.
– The New York Post
Rich Lowry argues that Bernie Sanders has become the piped piper of the Democratic Party.
– The Atlantic
For your average fast-casual restaurant or mom-and-pop store, new point-of-sale systems promise easier bookkeeping, strategic business insights, and the kind of synoptic view of operations that is irresistible to managers. But to get all those analytics, those efficiencies, requires becoming part of the Silicon Valley world, with all the potential and pitfalls that entails.