About 4 years ago

05/23/2019 - McDonald’s Workers Want OSHA To Investigate Pattern Of Violence

– Bloomberg
Every 36 hours on average, American local news outlets deliver a new report on violence at a McDonald’s. A group of employees in Chicago say workers bear the brunt of such incidents – enough to constitute a pattern of regular on-the-job violence they want the company to address across the U.S.
 The New York Times
A crackdown on employers that may be unknowingly employing undocumented workers is underway.
– The Wall Street Journal
From longtime corporations like Levi Strauss & Co. to upstarts like Warby Parker, some companies say that including the question – “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” – could harm not only next year’s national head count, but also their bottom line.
– Restaurant Business Online
Restaurants in the Chicago area have joined forces with several industry-related groups to prepare ex-offenders and other locals alienated from the workforce for possible jobs in foodservice.