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05/31/2019 - I’m One Of 25 People Who Filed A Sexual Harassment Complaint Against McDonald’s. Here’s My Story.

– Vox

The corporate campaign against McDonald’s continues.
– Bloomberg Law
In an employment landscape in which only 17 percent of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave and a growing number of part-time and low-wage workers are least likely to have those benefits, some states are working to allow workers to take their benefits with them, regardless of their employer or their classification.

Why Suburban Moms Are Delivering Your Groceries

Women often in their 40s and 50s now make up more than half the contractors working for major food delivery apps.

Google’s Shadow Work Force: Temps Who Outnumber Full-Time Employees
– The New York Times

The company’s increasing reliance on temps and contractors has some Google employees wondering if management is undermining its carefully crafted culture.