About 4 years ago

06/03/2019 - Ocasio-Cortez Went Back To Bartending. Slogans Were Served.

– The New York Times

The congresswoman, who has often cited her former restaurant job to emphasize her roots, mounted a classic political stunt to promote higher pay for tipped-wage workers.
– The Wall Street Journal
Nationally, the number of high-school students concentrating in career and technical education has risen 14 percent over the past decade to 3.4 million, according to federal education data.

Would You Like Guilt With Your Latte?
– The Wall Street Journal

In the wave of corporate stewardship, a member of the The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board takes a look at the curious relationships between companies and their customers.

State Lawmakers Aren’t Waiting For Federal Pay-Equity Reform
– Society for Human Resource Management

Federal inaction has led to states jumping in on pay equity.