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10/17/2017 - Midnight Reads – Amazon Turns on the Charm Amid Criticism From Right and Left

Amazon Turns on the Charm Amid Criticism From Right and Left

– The New York Times 

Facing greater skepticism about its growing power over retail, including from President Trump, Amazon is following the well-worn path of oil, pharmaceutical and even other large tech companies, which try to bend policy in their favor by enhancing connections with federal officials.


These Young Ironworkers Are Betting On New Technology – And Traditional Unions – To Achieve Their American Dream.

– The Washington Post 

Manual jobs are being edged out by automation and overseas competition. Donald Trump has vowed to bring them back. The Washington Post explores the stories of manufacturing apprentices in Baltimore and their pressing concerns beyond politics: will there be enough work to make their four years of training worth it?


We’re Moving Toward A Cashless World. What Happens When The Power Goes Out?

– Mises Institute 

When Hurricane Maria knocked out power in Puerto Rico, residents there realized they were going to need physical cash — and a lot of it. The cash economy has reigned in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria decimated much of the U.S. commonwealth, leveling the power grid and wireless towers and transporting the island to a time before plastic existed.


Why China Is Winning The Clean Energy Race

– Axios 

U.S. politicians have been warning for years that America couldn’t let China win the clean energy race. That’s exactly what has happened, with the trends most stark in electric cars, solar and nuclear energy. Politicians and business leaders said America’s dominance in this space would bring jobs to the U.S. and security to our clean-energy resources, and now both of those goals are at risk.