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10/18/2017 - Midnight Reads – Trump, Red State Democrats Warily Approach Each Other On Tax Cuts

Trump, Red State Democrats Warily Approach Each Other On Tax Cuts

– The Washington Post 

On Wednesday President Trump will meet with Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, the panel that writes tax law. Trump is trying to curry congressional favor for his proposal, that still in outline form, aims to cut tax rates for corporations and individuals.


How Congress Can Pass Tax Reform That Actually Helps the Middle Class

– Fortune 

Profit sharing and employee share ownership plans have bipartisan appeal. The Trump administration’s tax proposal reduces tax rates for corporations and for high-income individuals, but does not do much to increase the wealth of the middle class. Fortune contends that the only way it could do that is by reducing taxes for companies that share profits or stock with employees.


Stop One-Party Rule in Big Cities

– CityLab

A former Democratic mayor argues that his party’s grip on urban politics needs to end. One-party rule is hurting America’s big cities. But not everyone thinks it’s a problem.


How Domino’s Persuaded Wall Street to Lend to It for Less

– The Wall Street Journal 

Restaurant chains are turning to complex debt deals that lower their borrowing costs, but at the price of control over their most valuable assets. The practice, known as whole-business securitization, is enabling companies to issue bonds more cheaply by effectively giving lenders more-direct access to the most valuable pieces of their enterprises. The companies that have done these deals tend to have stable cash flows, but many would likely have trouble getting investment-grade ratings if they wanted to issue typical corporate bonds, market participants say.