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01/31/2017 - Midnight Reads – America’s Great Divergence

America’s Great Divergence
– The Atlantic
A growing earnings gap between those with a college education and those without is creating economic and cultural rifts throughout the country. This divergence has coincided with another divergence – that between America’s growing cities and its struggling rural regions. People are having increasingly different experiences of America.

‘Trump Country’ Might Suffer More in a Trade War, Study Says
– The Wall Street Journal
Should the U.S. get embroiled in a trade war, communities that voted for Donald Trump are likely to take a bigger hit than those that voted for Hillary Clinton, according to a study by the Brookings Institution. The most export-intensive places tended to be smaller cities in the Midwest and Southeast – solid Trump country – rather than the big metropolitan areas.

The One Way Fast Food May Actually Be ‘Good’ For You
– The Washington Post
Are the food-safety policies of fast food chains better than non- chain alternatives? The Washington Post argues that the answer is yes. Major brands and industry experts experts explain why.

How One Nation Used Peer Pressure to Slash Food Waste By 25 Percent
– Fast Company
Why does Denmark find it so easy to stop food waste? The country managed to reduce it by 25% over just five years, something close to a miracle. Some explanations are cultural, but perhaps not in the way you might imagine: Denmark’s startling waste reduction is a great example of how peer pressure is the best tool for social change.