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02/01/2017 - Midnight Reads – How Much Can Cutting Federal Regulation Boost the U.S. Economy?

How Much Can Cutting Federal Regulation Boost the U.S. Economy?
– The Wall Street Journal
Financial markets and the White House are betting that a rollback of federal regulations can provide a significant boost to the U.S. economy. The Wall Street Journal examines research suggesting that’s not a sure bet.

Can Labor Fight Back?
– The American Prospect
In the weeks since the former union bastions of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin flipped from blue to red on election night, the once-mighty American labor movement is seeing its life flash before its eyes. The American Prospect looks at the future of organized labor amid a radically changing and unpredictable political landscape.

Union Membership Hits Record Low: Down to 10.7 Percent in 2016
Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual union membership report. As has been the case for decades, the union membership rate, the portion of public and private-sector workers who are union members, declined, this time to the lowest point since the government began keeping track.

‘Nobody Wants to Run for Office’
– The Atlantic
The Atlantic interviewed political science professor and researcher Shauna Shames about why young, elite Americans seem to want to change the world through any means but political leadership, and whether President Trump’s recent victory is likely to change their minds.