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10/12/2017 - Midnight Reads – Why Aren’t Wages Rising Faster Now That Unemployment Is Lower?

Why Aren’t Wages Rising Faster Now That Unemployment Is Lower?

– The New York Times 

When labor markets tighten, wages are expected to rise. Basic economics tells us that when workers are in higher demand, employers should have to pay more for their services. But in recent years, as unemployment has fallen below 5 percent in the United States, wages have not been increasing as fast as in the past. Economists debate the reasons; workers grapple with the consequences.


Siemens CEO: America Invented Globalization-Why Give It Up?

– The Atlantic 

Joe Kaeser, who leads the German conglomerate Siemens, talks trade, job training, and Donald Trump. The Atlantic and Kaeser put forth a compelling argument in favor of continued globalization.


The Black Ceiling: Why African-American Women Aren’t Making It to the Top in Corporate America

– Fortune

At long last, it appears that cracks are beginning to form in the glass ceiling. But for African-American women a barrier remains in place. Call it the Black Ceiling. Fortune explores why here.


Goldman: 65 Percent Chance That Tax Reform Gets Through


Goldman Sachs is currently assigning a 65 percent chance that the multiple sides in the tax debate can come to some kind of agreement in 2018. If so, that would push the stock market higher, with the S&P 500 hitting 2,610, or roughly 2.5 percent from Monday’s opening level, according to the firm’s analysis.