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10/11/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Nobel Prize Winner for Economics Had the Perfect Response to The Win

The Nobel Prize Winner for Economics Had the Perfect Response to The Win


Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in economics for his research on how people may not always act as rationally as economists’ models assume. When asked how he will spend his $1.1 million award, Thaler says he will “try to spend it as irrationally as possible.”
An Epic, and Costly, Boardroom Battle at Procter & Gamble

– The New York Times 

The battle between Procter & Gamble and the activist investor Nelson Peltz, who is seeking a seat on the company’s board, has the hallmarks of a heated political campaign. It’s the biggest corporate proxy fight in history and also staggeringly expensive; the two sides will have spent at least $60 million, and probably tens of millions more, as they try to sway investors to their point of view.
Ikea Turns to Ecommerce Sites in Online Sales Push

– The Financial Times 

Ikea has become the latest big-name retailer to radically overhaul its sales strategy in the face of online competition, launching a test to sell its flat-pack furniture through big ecommerce websites amid a fall in visitors to its out-of-town outlets. Ikea was slow to move online because of heavy internal resistance against interfering with its successful business model — using labyrinthine store layouts to generate impulse purchases and requiring shoppers to drive to stores and construct their own furniture.


Why Corporate Tax Cuts Won’t Create Jobs

– The New York Times

From the New York Times Editorial Page: The CEO of Guidewire Software makes the case that lower tax rates will not motivate more people to start companies. He instead believes that a tax cut would increase post-tax profitability, which effectively transfers money from the federal government to shareholders.