About 6 years ago

01/10/2017 - Midnight Reads – How Barack Obama Changed the Rules of The Workplace

How Barack Obama Changed the Rules of The Workplace
– Huffington Post
President Obama’s long-time strategy was to bypass a Republican Congress via agency rulemaking. However, with the incoming Trump administration, his legacy, particularly on workplace issues, may be short-lived.

What Trump Can Accomplish on Day One
– The Hill
The Hill outlines the big issues on which Trump can have an immediate impact.

Top Economists Grapple with Public Disdain for Initiatives They Championed
– The Wall Street Journal
The nation’s leading economists are suffering an identity crisis. Many of the institutions they helped build and causes they advanced have received public scorn and rejection at the ballot box.

Need Better Morale in the Workplace? Simulate a Plane Crash
– The New York Times
Would almost drowning with your colleagues help you become a better team player? A company called Survival Systems thinks so, and thinks corporate America might be interested in using survival training to build company morale.