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01/11/2017 - Midnight Reads – Divisions Lurk Inside Trump’s Economic Team

Divisions Lurk Inside Trump’s Economic Team
– The Wall Street Journal
With free-trade adversaries on one side of his team and market-oriented advisers on the other, Donald Trump has charted an unpredictable course.

Trump’s ‘Make America Great’ Plans Face a Slowing Economy
Donald Trump is inheriting a fairly strong economy from President Obama. The big problem for the president-elect? Things are starting to slow down.

A Bright Spot of December’s Jobs Report: Wage Growth
– Governing
Wage growth reached its highest level in seven years. But increases aren’t being enjoyed by all segments of the economy.

Welcome to $19 Dollar Salads, Or: The Coming Restaurant Industry Implosion No One Talks About
– Orange County Weekly
From The OC Weekly: “The very worst situation you can be in owning a restaurant is being reactive to market situations instead of proactive. Agile shops evolve and even make decisions ahead of the curve to stay relevant and profitable. Those are the ones that will rule the coming fortunes of what we now know as the restaurant industry, if there is one at all.”