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01/12/2017 - Midnight Reads – Studies Find Higher Minimum Wage May Have Losers

Studies Find Higher Minimum Wage May Have Losers
– The New York Times
The impact of higher minimum wages was a major topic over the weekend at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association, the nation’s premier gathering of academic economists.

Inside Sears’ Death Spiral: How an Iconic American Brand Has Been Driven to The Edge of Bankruptcy
– Business Insider
An iconic, old economy brand is failing in the new economy. Relying on former Sears executives as anonymous sources, the article outlines how the CEO’s efforts to transform the brand into a flawed, e-commerce platform is destroying Sears’ core business, retail sales.

It’s Alarmingly Easy for Terrorists to Contaminate Our Food Supply
– The New York Post
The food supply is too vulnerable to an agroterrorism attack, a Georgetown University Medical Center professor argues in a new “bioterror novel” and op-ed in The New York Post.

Uber Is Finally Giving the Public a Glimpse of Its Stunning Trove of Transit Data
– Quartz
This week, Uber is sharing a sliver of that information through a new project, Movement. The website uses Uber data to create a snapshot of vehicle movement along particular routes in a given city. The site is geared toward urban planners, policy wonks, and city officials but anyone can request access.