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12/14/2016 - Midnight Reads – Carl’s Jr. Is the Fast-Food Chain of Trump’s America

Carl’s Jr. Is the Fast-Food Chain of Trump’s America
– The Atlantic
For years, it seemed that the Republican Party’s kindred spirit in the fast-food world has been Chick-fil-A. Then came Donald Trump. The Atlantic explores how Trump’s labor secretary appointment of Andy Puzder, the longtime CEO of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s, will affect labor in America.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez Is Said to Plan Run to Lead D.N.C.
– The New York Times
If Secretary Thomas Perez succeeds in becoming the leader of the D.N.C., will the plight of labor activists be further elevated on the Democratic platform in 2020?

These Companies Could Be on A Trump Hit List, Management Consultant Says
CNBC cautions that investors eyeing profit opportunities during Donald Trump’s presidency must take into account not only what traditionally drives markets, but what drives Trump’s values. While many companies are looking forward to a Trump presidency, his administration poses significant risks for some brands.

Economists Doubt the U.S. Can Regain Many of the Factory Jobs Lost in Recent Decades
– The Wall Street Journal
After hitting a record of nearly 20 million in 1979, the number if American factory workers has plunged during each of the last five recessions and each time never recovered. Economists believe that those trends will continue unabated.