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12/15/2016 - Midnight Reads – Donald Trump’s Pledge to Loosen Regulations on Businesses Is a Heavy Lift

Donald Trump’s Pledge to Loosen Regulations on Businesses Is a Heavy Lift
– The Wall Street Journal
President-elect Donald Trump ‘s promise to eliminate regulations on U.S. businesses will likely take years to fulfill given the complex steps involved in reversing them and political and legal challenges. Trump has a handful of ways to reach his goal, but they mostly point to a slow death of attrition for Obama rules rather than immediate elimination.

Trump Recruits Army of Chief Executives to Battle with The System in Washington
– The Washington Post
President-elect Donald Trump is stocking the upper echelons of his administration with more than the usual share of business titans like himself, betting the success of his presidency on the idea that a clash of cultures is needed to fix the mess in Washington and bring order to international affairs.

The Pack Rat Indicator: Why Hoarding Is a Good Sign
– Bloomberg
Americans are buying enough that developers are building storage space for their old stuff at a record rate. Call it the Pack Rat Indicator. It illustrates how confident U.S. consumers have become.

Year of Upheaval for Restaurants That Ended Tipping
– The New York Times
It is too soon to tell whether the no-tipping model will become the standard, or simply an option for a few restaurants that can make it work. What is clear after about a year is that it has forced several unforeseen changes, large and small, in the places that have embraced it.