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12/16/2016 - Midnight Reads – What Corporate America Thinks About Donald Trump

What Corporate America Thinks About Donald Trump
– Newsweek
Newsweek suggests that CEOs may need to worry that Trump is turning into a pulpit bully, using the tools of his office to lash out at anything that irks him. Corporate brands could be in the crosshairs.

American Opportunity Stalls: ‘We’re Not as Connected to Each Other’
– The Wall Street Journal
A national index of conditions that foster equality and social mobility has stopped rising after five years of steady improvement. The index blends state and local level economic, educational and social statistics to map upward mobility. Experts say the national index stalled in part because of persistent and worsening problems with how well people mix and relate to each other.

Homelessness Declining in Nation’s Cities, But Hunger Is on The Rise
The U.S. Conference of Mayors released their annual report this week, providing a mixed picture for major U.S. metros. While homelessness and joblessness are on the decline, hunger is on the rise. The group stated that the primary cause of hunger was “low wages.”

Manufacturing Jobs Are Returning to Some Places. But These Jobs Are Different.
– The Washington Post
The nation shed manufacturing jobs at a steady pace over most of the last quarter century with six million jobs being lost by 2011. But since then, about half a million jobs have been regained. They’re not the same jobs that left. They’re not coming back everywhere, or even in the same places where jobs were lost. The map of where products are made in this country is being redrawn.