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07/19/2017 - Midnight Reads – As Companies Relocate to Big Cities, Suburban Towns Are Left Scrambling

As Companies Relocate to Big Cities, Suburban Towns Are Left Scrambling

– The Washington Post 

A slew of companies are all looking to appeal to and be near young professionals versed in the world of e-commerce, software analytics, digital engineering, marketing and finance. Such relocations are happening across the country as economic opportunities shift to a handful of top cities and jobs become harder to find in some suburbs and smaller cities.


If Workers Are Scarce, Is It the Work or the Wages?

– The New York Times

The labor market is stumping even the experts. The unemployment rate is near a 16-year low, and employers are fretting about their inability to find reliable workers. That shortage of workers should prompt an increase in wages. But it’s not. Why?


Is the Restaurant Industry Amazon’s Next Target?

– The Motley Fool

Diners’ interest in getting food delivered to their doorstep is on the rise, and restaurant chains and tech firms alike are taking note. Food delivery could spark a new arena of competition in the restaurant industry and shake up emerging technology as a dreaded disruptor — Amazon — enters the fray.


How a Cashless Society Would Harm the Poor

– Governing 

By the end of the century, it’s likely that huge swaths of the global economy will be cashless. It’s already beginning to happen. The DMV in Louisiana ditched cash last year. Boston’s transit agency plans to phase out the payment form. The entire country of India is considering such a move. And increasingly, fast-casual food chains across the U.S. are going cashless to remove the risk of robbery and the burden of slow cash transactions. But there’s one significant portion of the population left out of this transition: people who lack access to traditional financial services like bank accounts and credit cards.