About 6 years ago

07/20/2017 - Midnight Reads – From Overtime Rules To Worker Protections, 5 Ways Trump Is Shifting Labor Policy

– The Chicago Tribune 
Whether you call it a weakening of worker protections or an easing of over-regulation, labor policy is in the midst of a shift under President Donald Trump’s administration. The developments reflect a predictable swing of the pendulum back to the pro-business right that occurs when Republicans take the White House from Democrats. Here are five labor policy developments that have taken place in recent months.
– The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe looks at how researchers at Harvard and other universities are exploring issues of wages and the so-called “underground economy.” The research focuses on the rise of independent contractors and under-the-table compensation and how that affects public revenues, as well as identifying best practices for wage-enforcement programs.
– The San Francisco Business Journal
The director of Caltrans said the state’s highway management system has already begun modifying roadways to accommodate the way self-driving cars navigate. California is correspondingly leading the nation in self-driving innovation.
– The National Law Review
The restaurant industry is a major target of Fair Labor Standards Act collective and class action litigation. Employers are experiencing an increase in lawsuits related to the 80/20 “rule” for servers’ duties and how it affects the tip credit. The National Law Review goes into more detail on this law and its implications.