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11/16/2017 - Midnight Reads – How Congress Made Tax Reform Impossible

How Congress Made Tax Reform Impossible


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is one of dozens of small programs on the chopping block in the GOP tax plan — and whose upset beneficiaries are making tax reform a political minefield. The plan would also cut tax breaks for teachers who buy supplies for their classrooms, for investments in impoverished areas and for workers who move for a new job. As more analysts read through the 429 pages of the bill it has become clearer that “tax reform” entails an en-masse rollback of such small-scale benefits-programs that go unnoticed by the vast majority of Americans, but are crucially important to their beneficiaries.


Did You Get a Raise This Year? You’re One of The Lucky Ones

– Bankrate

48 percent of Americans either earned a raise or got a better paying gig over the past year, according to a Bankrate survey. It’s never been more important to build up your emergency savings, while paying down credit card debt.


Weinstein Effect’ Is Boosting Inquiries About Workplace Harassment

– USA Today 

Inquiries to law firms have been rising since harassment and assault allegations about the Hollywood film executive were first reported in early October, according to three Washington, D.C., attorneys who specialize in employment law and sexual harassment. Rising interest in pursuing harassment charges comes after a decade in which the number of allegations had been on steady decline, according to federal figures.


The Small Business Myth

– Aeon

Small businesses enjoy an iconic status in modern capitalism, but what do they really contribute to the economy? Aeon explores here.