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11/20/2017 - Midnight Reads – Give and Take: The Reaction from American Business to Tax Reform Is Mixed

Give and Take: The Reaction from American Business to Tax Reform Is Mixed

– The Economist 

“Cut, cut, cut!” That is what President Donald Trump wanted to name an eagerly awaited Republican proposal for reforming America’s tax code. He vows that slashing the rate of corporate tax will create millions of jobs. In the end, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives unveiled the modestly named Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The economist explores the recently passed legislation.


The Cause and Consequences of the Retail Apocalypse

– The New Republic 

From The New Republic: Private equity firms overburdened businesses with debt, and now workers are paying the price. Will policymakers do anything about it?


Capitalism Has a Problem. Is Free Money the Answer?

– The New York Times    

In much of the world, angry workers denounce a shortage of jobs paying enough to support middle-class life. Economists puzzle over the fix for persistently weak wage growth, just as robots appear poised to replace millions of human workers. At the annual gathering of the global elite in the Swiss resort of Davos, billionaire finance chieftains debate how to make capitalism kinder to the masses to defuse populism.


Uber Wants to Enroll Drivers in Obamacare Amid Trump Administration Cuts

– Fortune 

Uber and some smaller technology companies are launching campaigns to publicize Obamacare enrollment among their contract workers after the Trump administration slashed government marketing for the health program by 90%. Freelance and contract workers are an important part of the workforce for many Silicon Valley companies, and technology companies have been among the most vocal in confronting Trump administration policies that they perceive as hurting their workforce.